Flyte Pen Kit – Tangerine

Flyte (KEYY) Pen Kit – Tangerine. The portable and discreet Flyte Vape Pen combines benefits with quality which provides relief. Also, Each pen has near about 100 puffs depending on the length of your inhale.


It reduces anxiety, pain, stress, inflammation, and hypertensionFurthermore, it is a perfect strain for vape lovers to provide relaxed. and joyful moments for a long while. Because of the effect, it also recommended to the mental disorder patients.


It contains Indica traits and has intense tropical flavors.


Flyte uses the latest technology of Vape pen in Canada. It is made by a group of super-charged of cannabis enthusiasts and extraction engineers,

Produced by Flyte, their Vape Pens contains 0.8mL of a 72% CBD and THC distillate solutions.




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